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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

welcome back

after a few months off i figured id try to write a few more entries at the request of my former manager and current hero, dan bowman.

life back in the states is much different than it was before i left. my pride in this country i call home has increased at least ten fold. new light has been shed on my thinking process and i am grateful for the opportunity for the trip to europe and how it has changed me. the terrorist attacks in new york on september 11 2001 now have a more tangible feel to me. when it first happened i, along with the rest of the country, was in shock, but i did not know how to respond to it. the tradgedy was pushed to the back of my mind and coated with my own feel and perspective on the situation. it was like a piece of foggy contact paper was coated over the memory, and now as i look at it differently, that piece of contact paper has been removed, showing the true colors of the situation.

i wonder sometimes where life will lead me, but i usually get over that rather quickly. focusing on the present and living now is the best approach at life for me. work hard everyday to produce something, and string those somethings together to make a finished product, whatever it may be, just freakin do it. i fall into the trap of being unproductive some days, and it can be rather depressing if there is a lack of progress. the best way to get out of that feeling is to do something, anything. i suggest cleaning. no matter how small the area, cleaning (while cranking your favorite tunes) is the easiest way to make visible progress, and the area is more comfortable.

this was just stream of conciousness and the stream is gone, so carpe diem, peace

Sunday, August 13, 2006

this is the end, beautiful friend

a few pictures from the last few days of the trip

The flight was exceptional, the food, outstanding, and the friendly confines of the usa are well, still friendly, to me anyway. got home the other day and arrived to a housefull of folks to welcome matt, patrick, and i back to our respective residences. almost missed our plane in montreal from heathrow due to a baggage mishap, misinformed, and weary from traveling, we passed up the baggage claim thinking our bags would be automatically transferred. needless to say, they weren't and our plane, which was to depart one hour after we landed, wasnt going to wait for a few americans to collect their huddled masses yearning to be free and see the shores or homeland. we sprinted through the airport, tunnel vision set in and all that we could see was obsticles in front of us and the paths to reach our final goal. gate 73, for flight 519 to chi town. we collapsed on the plane after we nearly jumped from the boarding platform to the plane, the last folks on the air canada flight (sidenote- if air canada is ever an option, take it. the airline rocks. as we disembarked in chicago o'hare, we looked for my dad. i saw a guy all the way in the back of the crowd clap his hands in the form of a football referee signaling a safety, and instantly knew it was him. he had literally walked in the door moments before, and our timing was again, perfect. we cruised to the frisbee golf course in springfield and immediatly played our first round on american soil. made it to colombia the next day, played 36 holes and jetted home. the budding garden and the ramshakeled looking sign greeting us home were perfect. i have reflected on the trip only a little, mostly when people how it was, and i realize that i was there then, im not now and i dont really have much to say about it. but stories start to flow during random conversation, and when something sparks a memory. a few words that i wrote in berlin during the world cup, and another few words i wrote on a train seem to best sum up the summer, well not all of it, just a few captured moments:

things are different here, now i know why
people care differently about days going by.
falks are different all over the world,
the door is open, carpets unfurreled,
to show me their ways in a whole different light,
i accept them, learn more, by just being polite.
i see that they know that im not from this place,
that is one fact i cannot erase.
this gives me more pride in the place i call home,
i look at my smile in the sparkling chrome.
i stare at opinions i hold to be truths,
maybe their myths, find out at the roots.
the national pride in the streets is outstanding,
finns, swedes and dutch i can see from my landing.
their shouts of hooray come from deep in their heart,
they blend together, create modern art.
not art you can see, that is for sure,
it is the experience that is genuine pure.

the firey flame of dawn approaches,
retreating are jaws of night ferocious.
rolling hills outlined in dew,
lay foundation for the haybales strewn.
i stare into the day's bright eye,
as im whisked across the countryside.
rising higher the day begins,
i recognize my fathers friends.
paper-thin poppys flap in the wind,
moonflowers drop, recind.
haybales shade the hasta plants,
wind makes their leaves flap, dance.
further on the sun beats down,
plants lean wilting, seem to frown.
waternozzles spray the land,
substitute for mother natures hand.
the clouds look like a turkish loom,
spiky, stringy, like a wound.
their freedom form takes shapes anew,
set on the skies backdrop hue.

Monday, August 07, 2006

spent the last three days in barcelona. pretty rockin place. we looked at a few gaudi buildings and then spent the remainder of our time here at the beach. and what can i say, it turned out to be a few crummy days in paradise. other than that not much else has happened here. i got harassed and almost beat up by a homeless guy, because johnny frisbeeseed was showing off his frisbee and the guy came over and started harassing me for it. he was drugged and beligerant and spit all over me, then he nearly kicked me, roundhouse to the head, but i dodged it and got the hell out of there. what a looney. good thing god loves him because nobody else does (borrowed from the extensive library of patrick funston). going to fly to london in a few hours and try and do the circle tour, i will explain later if anyone has questions. then crash for a few hours and fly home, where my thoughts escaping, home where my musics playing, and well stop right there. europe has been great, but getting home is all i can think of now. peace, love

also, i got a sexy blanket near the beach two days ago. its rainbow and has two male symbols interloking in the middle. im not sure what it screams, but its screamin something

Thursday, August 03, 2006

went to the guggenheim museum in bilbao yesterday and today. spent a total of 4 hours or so in and around the museum. its funny, although it is an art museum it seemed that the building was more impressive than most, if not all the work inside the building. richard serra has some cool steel work, but it seems like he´s an arrogant prick (excuse my language, ive been drinking and thats how i really feel about the man after listening to him talk for a holf hour on a video at the museum). but what can you expect from such a magnificent building. the walls were seamless and the windows seemed to be made out of melting glass and undulate with the wind. i could not keep my eyes on the art on the wall, i kept looking past it and at the wall. unbelievable. i thought the only thing i would have regretted not seeing in europe this summer was normandy, but now it would be normandy and the guggenheim. absolutely breathtaking. met up with matt this morning. havent seen him for almost a week. taking a train to barcelona tonight and going to lay out, play frisbee and maybe look at a few buildings if we have time over the next three days. hope all is well with everyone. peace

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

took a thirteen and a half hour train ride from paris to madrid the other day. wanted to go to bilbao, but that train was full so i just got a night train and arrived here in the morning. didnt end up being too bad. have spent two days here and done pretty much nothing. went to the botanical garden and the picasso museum, but other than that, i have been sitting outside in the 106 degree clear weather, soaking it up. going to bilbao in about 3 hours and going to do the same thing there. only im layin on the beach. meeting matt at 10 am august 3 in front of the guggenheim somewhere, hopefully we find each other. other than that, not much else has been going on. see you all in a week or so

Saturday, July 29, 2006

i stood on the beach the other day listening to the birds chirping and the gentle crash of the waves lapping up along the shore and turned back. I viewed my destination atop a large knoll of ferns that would have my dad and rob in tears they were so beautiful. the soft sand coushioned my feet as i proceeded over the dunes and stared at the bending, deep green trees. halfway up the ascent of 100 or so stairs I felt my muscles working and starting to strain. this made me think of how lucky i was to be walking up these stairs, making the ascent much easier, not to mention, the people at the top of the hill that were wide eyed in amazement due to the spectacular view, and not concerned with my presence in the least. they had respect in their hearts, a far different emotion than that which resided in the hearts of the people who were on the top of this beach 62 years ago.

the men in my position 62 years ago truged through sand, mud, and their brothers' blood. no time to grieve over losses to the right and left of them, the men at the top never gave them a chance to see the views that i saw. but now the 9,837 that are still there can see the peace in the place that they fought for. nature has forgiven and washed over the terror, created anew, but these men could never, will never forget, as we must never forget. the view from the top revealed cliffs far and wide, but by staring at the sea and taking myself back, i could feel the boats and the see the nervousness that they carried. chills ran through me as i felt the manicured lawn. it didnt seem real, the green was so greeen, and the length so short that on a mans face it would have only appeared as a five o clock shadow. i paced through the marble stakes, saluted the flag high above, and sang along with the church bells, my voice quivering with emotion, to Glory Glory Haleluia.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

went and played in stockholm tuesday wednesday and thursday last week and it was amazing. the sun was up so late and we could comfortably play 18 holes as long as we started by 21:00. the water was so clear and trash was non-existant. we flew back to london thursday night and met matt at heathrow airport and then we rented a car and drove to a city nar stonehenge. we got a quick glimpse of the monument after an uncomfortable 4 hours sleep in a minivan. we pushed on and after only one or two minor detours we arrived at the british open around 9:30. a practice round was in order and after three hours of hiking up and down gigantic hills giving beautiful views of beaminster, we were ready for the doubles compitition. Matt and i were together and we just messed around and had a good time. shot one down, had a bogey and a double bogey (we both went OB) otherwise we would have been in the running for some money. oh well, thats not why i was there. the tourney started saturday morning at 9:30 and everyone had great rounds. the most surprising, my dad, who was doped up on 2000 mg of vikaden (sp) and wrapped up like a mummy in an ace bandage due to his biking accident five days before, he shot even par and was in 2nd place in the am division. he ended up fourth overall and got to play in the finals, how cool is that! i just had a heck of a lot of fun and did not finish last. this was an a tier event and the pros that were at this event were the big boys, much better than anyone else i have been playing against all summer, sorry sounds like im trying to make excuses for sucing this weekend but really im not. excited to see everyone when i get back, only two weeks left, peace.